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Looking to Buy Disposable Plastic Glasses Online?

The disposable glasses market is now a growing market in the UK due to a number of reasons. One of which is the work the government and councils are doing to lessen injuries and the risk to injury in bars and nightclubs across the country and to reduce the possibility of the glassware being used as a weapon.
This is a great effort and cause and we are fully behind this.
We are an online retailer of bar supplies and as such we sell offer a full range of products at low low prices. Products can be delivered by courier next day and Free delivery throughout England on orders over £60

So our team built this site dedicated to Disposable Glasses where we will offer information, tips and advice on our disposable glassware range.

Disposable Plastic Glasses are great for night clubs, parties or home use. They are cheap to buy and you don't need to wash them after using. Simply throw away.

Disposable glasses come in various sizes and shapes, and their are numerous manufacturers.
Some disposable glasses may be more flimsy than others and sometimes you might find them to not be a soft enough plastic, so they break or split too easily.
It is usually best to purchase from a catering supplier as these are most likely to be the best quality. As catering companies sell them on a regular weekly supply basis their quality needs to be good to ensure repeat orders.

Types of Disposable Glasses:

  • Disposable Tumblers
  • Disposable Beer Glasses
  • Disposable Wine Glasses
  • Disposable Shot Glasses
 Examples of these:

Disposable Tumblers often come in different sizes and slightly different shapes.
  • 7oz
  • 8oz
  • 10oz
  • 12oz
  • 20oz
  • 23oz

Some of these sizes are also known as Disposable Beer Glasses.
Disposable beer glasses are made as 
  • Half Pint to Brim / or Rim
  • Half Pint to Line
  • Pint to Brim / or Rim
  • Pint to Line

Disposable Wine Glasses are more rare and tend to be used more for home parties rather than bars or nightclubs. Possibly because these are a slightly different shape to those made out of actual glass. But these are also a great glass.

Disposable Shot Glasses  are one of our biggest sellers and many pubs and bars that use real glassware for the other drinks they serve, use the disposable shot glasses to serve their shot drinks